Technology for your passions


+t activity is focused on two main areas, both dealing with the Clients needs during sport products development.

+t creates and develops devices that will become part of its Clients’ range of products. If one Client looks for more than a consultancy, +t can become a high-end manufacturing partner, capable of looking after the whole process from the product design to the prototyping phase and to production. Some leading Companies in the Sport industry have already started to work together with +t on some key projects: +t is a trustworthy partner, experienced in protecting both the privacy and Intellectual Property Rights of its Clients, during the whole product development.

+t helps Companies to empower their R&D department and make a step further in product innovation. Micromechanics, wireless systems, trend researches, electronic sensors development: +t can work in many different topics. +t boosts the time to market, injecting new technologies in traditional sporting goods. Technology for your passions.